Sapphireshine is roleplayed by SilverH.  She is a silver she-cat with gray tabby stripes and sapphire colored blue eyes.

Personal InfoEdit

Sapphireshien was born as a rouge to two unknown cats. She was found abanded and alone as a kit so she was taken into IceClan. She was nursed by another queen and then became an apprentice known as Sapphirepaw. However, Sapphirepaw was recvied a dream saying her destiny was to be a medicene cat. At first she refused, but then she became the medicene cat of IceClan at a young age.


Sapphireshine is calm, helpful, caring, and very clever. She is kind to all cats unless thy hurt one of her clan mates. She is a big helper and a dreamer. She has always wanted kits but she will never get that chance.

Real Life ImageEdit